Spurred-on by the many disappointing nursery and preschool photos that we’ve received of our own children over the years, we figured there has to be a better way. A way to really capture the happiness and fun of being nursery and preschool age, whilst also documenting that precious moment in time.

Being a team of two mums, we know how to engage and reassure children in the ‘strange’ environment that is a photo shoot set. Big lights and a lady with a ‘huge’ camera can be a little overwhelming for some; which is why we take time, fun props and toys so they can play and relax in the moment. It also means we capture truly beautiful images which we know makes all those mums, dads and carers very happy!

Testimonial - Preschool Parent, Wiltshire
“The photos of my little boy are amazing - it’s hard to choose!”

Mini Edits can also manage all of the dispatching and ordering process on your behalf, so there’s none of that sending out of forms and chasing orders faff. Even though our images are professional studio quality, our prices are in-line with standard nursery school rates. We also give the nurseries and preschools that we work with revenue stream for fundraising, with a pre-agreed % of all sales coming back to you.


Testimonial - Nursery Manager, Somerset
“The children had a great time during the photo shoot, lots of giggles and fun. All of the images we had back were amazing and captured the children’s characters so well.”

Nursery Photography
Preschool Photography

The Mini Edits team are enhanced DBS checked and the shoot set up is pretty compact, meaning we can discreetly fit into your nursery or preschool space and day with little interruption. Get in touch today and make a change to your nursery or preschool’s photography… hello@minieditsphoto.com